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Black Ty Brewing Co., located in beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA, is dedicated to the artisanal making of unique & delicious cocktails. We craft a wide array of versatile mixer syrups for you, the true cocktail lover. Black Ty Brewing Co. was born for those who have 100% appreciation for the craft of a unique & delicious Champagne cocktail and the pleasures of drinking them.

At Black Ty Brewing Company, we wanted to keep craft simple by inventing a unique versatile syrup mixer that has many uses, like creating your own Sodas, Pastries, and of course, Champagne Cocktails. For many decades, quality and attention to detail have driven this return to small batch craft, and small batch distilleries throughout America have produced exceptional spirits and liqueurs to help raise the bar. At Black Ty Brewing Co., we brew our unique mixers in small batches, using a real fruit brewing process. Bartenders devoted to the craft cocktail game will fall in love with the simplicity of using our universal mixers. In a nutshell, we want you to enjoy a better cocktail, our versatile mixers are superior to any other on the market today.


At Black Ty Brewing Company, Judy & I noticed that something was missing. A unique & delicious mixer that was VERSATILE! While liqueurs, bitters & high-end spirits, meant that everyone could obtain most of what’s needed to make simple & better cocktails, there was still a problem for the discerning consumer. An entire category remained overlooked. No one offered a quality versatile mixer that could be used for Champagne Cocktails, Craft Mocktails, Craft Soda, Craft Cooking & Baking.

Judy & I started Black Ty Brewing Company to fill this empty void by keeping our universal mixers simple to use, while maintaining our signature unique taste.

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