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Based on the Central Coast of California, with distribution centers in San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles, Blessed sources the finest and freshest ingredients to make crisp and refreshing beers true to their traditional styles. Our meticulous methods create well-balanced and highly-drinkable beers that appeal to both afficionados and everyday beer drinkers.

How do we create a brand that brings the magic of the universe into a glass? How do we develop a narrative that shows sincere reverence for life’s simple moments, yet respects the complexity of our world, both the light and the dark, the wild and the still, in all of its natural whimsy and dynamism?

Blessed Brewing is about much more than beer. Blessed Brewing encourages people who want to slow down and enjoy time with self, friends and family. Blessed Brewing fosters a beer experience for those who are looking inside, upstairs, downstairs, forward, but never running away looking back.
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